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What is group Therapy?

Group therapy sessions consist of 2-6 people that meet together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to achieve common therapy goals. These sessions can be especially helpful for individuals that are looking to bond, connect, or relate to others experiences. 

Group sessions are typically closed, meaning that only the original participants may partake in sessions until the round of sessions are complete – new participants may not join partway through. 


What can group therapy help with?

  • Self-discovery & emotional awareness
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma
  • & more…

Examples of Group Therapy

Some examples of group therapy include:

  • Parent/guardian and child looking to improve their bond
  • Group targeting anxiety in teens
  • Group for individuals experiencing work-related stress

benefits of Group Therapy

Some benefits of participating in group therapy include: 

Sounding Board

Participants receive empathetic feedback and perspectives from others who have shared similar experiences to themselves.


Group therapy focuses on connective challenges between participants, which allows a therapist to use their time more effectively thereby reducing the cost per person. 

Safe Space

Through a combination of the therapists expertise and the confidential nature of group therapy, participants can share their vulnerabilities with one another in a safe and controlled environment.



Mastering Emotions is an 8-week virtual psychotherapy group designed for men striving to empower themselves by developing their emotional awareness, regulation, and expression.

Using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) techniques, this group teaches men how to practice self-compassion and mindfulness.

This group is designed to uncover the vulnerability beneath the masculine to help men better advocate for their needs.

We recognize that there is a gap in healthcare to support men’s mental health. Mastering Emotions serves as a starting point to learn more about yourself, your emotions, and patterns that keep you in the loop of negative mental health.

Please send an email to or complete this form if you would like to register yourself or a loved one for this program. 


Who: Men ( 18+)

When: Starting on March 9th, 2023, until April 27th, 2023 from 6:30-8:00 pm. 

How often: Every Thursday evening for 8 weeks.

Where: Sessions will be held virtually. Links will be provided upon completion of registration

Registration form: Please register here.

Registration is now open. 


Restoring Balance is a virtual group therapy program that combines music-centered psychotherapy and trauma-informed yoga sessions for teens.  

Restoring balance has been created with the intention of providing teens with a space where they can talk about their anxieties and the loss they’ve experienced through the pandemic. Although we will remain online, teens will have the opportunity to connect with others and meet new people in our group sessions.  

This pandemic has deprived us all of social, physical, and emotional connection. A combination of yoga and music psychotherapy will be used to target our physical and emotional needs. 

Please send an email to if you would like to register yourself or a loved one for this program. 


Who: Teens ( 13-18 y/o)

When: Starting on June 22nd, 2021 from 6:00-7:00 pm. 

How often: every Tuesday for 8 weeks.

Where: Sessions will be held online via zoom

No prior music or yoga experience is necessary. Come as you are!

Registration is now CLOSED


Collective Healing: The coming together of Asian women to support each other during this time of need. 

Collective Healing is both a virtual support group and fundraiser for Asian women and Gender Diverse folks.

The support group will consist of four 90-minute virtual group sessions led by psychotherapists and music therapists. Groups will run on Zoom every Monday in March from 7:00 pm-8:30pm EST starting March