Tiffany Music Therapy

Adapted Lessons

Are you looking to develop and explore your love for music? Or do you want to connect with others and the world through music? 

Adapted lessons provided by Tiffany Music Therapy offers a way to develop and explore your love for music through piano, guitar, and voice lessons for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Using our experience in creating unique therapy sessions that fit the needs of each and every individual, TMT adapted lessons are individually tailored to meet creative goals while learning new skill sets. 

TMT adapted lessons are similar to a regular music lesson, except that they include modifications to the durationpace, and focus of each lesson. 

TMT is passionate about helping others discover unique ways to connect with the world while unleashing their inner creator. 

What might happen in an Adapted Music Lesson? 

We encourage complete creativity in lessons using a variety of instruments and technology to learn, explore, and create music. 

Lessons can include learning songs you love or hear on the radio, songs from books, and even composing music together.