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Songs to Add to Your “Feel Empowered and Badass” Playlist

Womens empowerment

You might recall a time where you listened to music and felt an incredible amount of power, joy, motivation, or release. You may have found yourself in tears, belting out the lyrics of a song, or moving your body with the music. Something felt right about the music. You felt a sense of belonging and a sense that things were going to be okay.

This is the power of music.

Listening to the music that makes us feel empowered, proud, and alive, is one way we can improve our day to day wellness.

We’ve put together a list of songs for those who of us looking to feel empowered. Listen to these songs when you’re reflecting, taking time for yourself, feeling down, or setting yourself up for the day.


Songs to Feel Empowered

I’m Not Pretty- Jessia

This one hits home for those of us who struggle with body image challenges. We’re met with thoughts of not being enough, not being pretty enough, thin enough, big enough. This song reminds us that there is value is being something other than status quo. There is value in being humanly shaped and humanly wonderful.



I Am Woman- Emmy Meli

There’s power in acknowledging the many parts that make us who we are. The conflicting parts, the parts we don’t think can exist together, the parts we’re ashamed of. This song is an anthem to the complexities that make up a woman.


This is Me- The Greatest Showman

If you’ve heard this song before, you know its incredibly empowering. But I’ve you’ve never watched this live recording you’re in for a ride. Join the musical crew and cast of The Greatest Showman in feeling the strength of the lyrics. “This is Me” shares the power of owning your identity. In brushing off the hurtful words or opinions of others and stepping into your own.


I Choose- India Arie

Speaking of intentionality, India Arie shares the intentionality of choice. She reminds us that regardless of where we are in life, we always have the choice to choose differently. We have the capacity to choose change and growth even when we’ve reached a fork in the road.


Superwoman- Alicia Keys

“The beauty of ‘Superwoman’ is that it’s not about being all-powerful and being perfect, ’cause no one is. It’s about perfection in our weaknesses and perfection in our imperfection, that we can still keep going and we can still learn and still remain strong. Even when we’re feeling weak, we can still be superwomen – and supermen. I love what that says about all that I’ve learned this year.”- Alicia Keys



We hope you take these songs and add them to your daily playlist! If you’re curious to learn more about using music in your wellness (and like The Beatles), read our article on the power of lyrics.

If you struggle with a negative self-image or want to work on your confidence, get in touch with us to learn more about how we can work together towards your goals.