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The Three Keys of Listening Well

Listening well in relationships can be a difficult skill to master. Missing important pieces of information in a conversation, often leads to misunderstanding and communication barriers. Here are three ways you can develop active listening skills that will positively impact your relationships. Listen to Hear, Not to Respond When a friend comes to you and …

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The Attitude of Gratitude

Laughing till your stomach hurts, the warmth of hot chocolate, remembering that time you got a free ride, and the delicious taste of freshly baked bread. What do these all have in common? They’re the good things in life. When you’re asked about what you feel grateful for, do you find yourself saying the same …

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The Beatles & Therapy

It’s common to use different approaches and exercises to help one express themselves in therapy. Using a music-centered approach, we might find ourselves engaging in exercises that involve listening to, writing, or analyzing music. One of my favourite music-centered tools is lyric analysis. Lyric analysis involves interpreting, sharing, or dissecting the words and messages of …

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Languishing: The Feeling of 2021

Recently, I’ve found myself struggling to describe how I’m feeling. I’m stressed, but don’t have anywhere to be; I’m tired, but I’m home all day. The friends, family, and clients I’ve talked to, have all expressed feeling similarly, but no one has been able to really put a label on it. We’re all a little …

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Behind the Curtain: Perfectionism

  Perfection is an illusion that cripples our chances of exploring beyond walls of familiarity. It’s an unrealistic expectation of superiority that we place on ourselves and others What exactly does it mean to be “perfect”?  According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, being perfect or achieving perfection means “conforming absolutely to the description or definition …

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Why Should I Go to Therapy?

  Imagine trying to perform surgery on yourself. The pain is there but you don’t know how to go about fixing it. Does it make you weak to have a surgeon perform surgery on you? Of course not. So what does the analogy of surgery have to do with therapy? In surgery, we’re asleep/numbed so …

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